Have you ever thought: I wish I knew someone who knew more about … whatever?

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. This site exists as a kind of knowledge dump, a way for others to benefit from the roads I’ve traveled and the curve balls I’ve fielded.

The way I see it, there are two kinds of knowledge: what a person knows and what a person knows about. The former comes from study, the latter from application. Life is made stronger when both forms of know-how are braided together like a rope (thus the site logo). What Anita Knows About is a way to capture the combination of study, practice, and thought of one person to give a unique perspective to anyone interested in a particular topic. I don’t claim to know more about certain subjects than other people do, I’ve simply been encouraged to share what I’ve learned with a larger community.

I’m the poster child for the incongruence between academic study and real-life experience. I studied Spanish and life planted me in Germany for three years. I studied psychology at North Georgia College in Dahlonega (site of the first American gold rush!) and forged a career in print newspapers prior to online media (a profession that didn’t even exist when I was in school).

The lesson (so far)? Formal education is never wasted. But information gleaned while living life is too valuable to keep hidden under a bushel basket. That nugget of wisdom is the genesis for What Anita Knows About electronic books and WhatAnitaKnowsAbout.com. Check out my Stew Pot blog posts at the bottom of this page and check back often for info on upcoming titles.

After enjoying many years of living in Manassas, Virginia, my husband and I recently abandoned our adult son and decamped to the lovely Gulf coast area of Pensacola, Florida. Contact me at WhatAnitaKnowsAbout@gmail.com.