We work our entire lives to earn a living, to provide the necessities and comforts for our families. Rarely do we take time to consider who will be in charge of our assets after we die or how they will be distributed. In fact, we Americans work very hard not to think about death at all.

Becoming an executor is most certainly not a job people pursue, but at some point in everyone’s life, most of us will be close to someone who passes away. Whether it be a parent, spouse, or friend, it is helpful for everyone to become familiar with the topic before the death occurs.

This book is the result of my involvement with multiple estates. Friends asked me to write down what I learned in the trenches.

You will be glad you bought this book if you:

  • Appreciate plainly written advice by someone who has personal experience in the subject matter
  • Like to be prepared
  • Want help talking about planning for death and dying
  • Are looking for a how-to that honors grief as a natural part of the executor process
  • Draw comfort from information
  • Find checklists useful
  • Want to avoid being manipulated and taken advantage of
  • Love a bargain